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uk wedding band mister kanish

Who Are We?

It's probably best if we start by telling you who Mister Kanish are. We're a group of musicians who met in 2006 and formed an event band. We've played at 100s of events and worked with 1000s of clients to make their dreams a reality. We come highly recommended by wedding planners, event organisers, photographers, venues and caterers throughout the UK and beyond.

Having spoken to clients day after day we found they were tired of seeing and hearing the same old cheesy wedding bands. We also heard horror stories of people booking bands and having completely different people turn up and play.

In 2011 our bassist, Chris, formed a band agency (The Band Boutique) to help recommend bands to people who's events we were already booked for. And in 2015 we decided to start putting together our own bands.

The Bands

As of now there are 6 bands. Signal, The Skip Jacks, Northern Quarter, Zazu, The Flyaways and The Lion Men. These aren't just Mister Kanish clones either. While their initial repertoire and gigging formula was based on Mister Kanish's experience, each band has their own unique quirks and styles.

Our bands include brass, male or female vocals, keys, banjos, violins, double basses, rocking electric guitars, flutes and more. Each band provides something unique in terms of arrangement or style. We have also made sure to place groups of friends in our bands. We've found it really makes a difference to the atmosphere to have musicians that play together week in week out. 99% of the time (baring illness or family events) the musicians you get on the night are the musicians you see in the photos and videos.

Festival wedding band the skip jacks
Roxi rocking the banjo

Past Clients

We've booked bands for companies such as Microsoft, Merryl Lynch, NATS, Holland And Barrett, NotOnTheHighstreet, White Stuff, Williams Racing, Amstel, British Summertime, Marks & Spencer, Halfords and 100s of private events including weddings and parties.

Our bands have played all over the UK and Europe including events in Santorini, Qatar, The Czech Republic, France, Spain, Italy, and Ireland.

Top UK event venues that our bands have performed at include The Savoy, Caswell House, Garthmyl Hall, The National History Museum, Hyde Park, Wasing Park, Gate Street Barn, Penton Park, The Tithe Barn Petersfield, Cripps Barn, Stone Barn, and hundreds more.

Our bands are trusted and recommended by many UK event agencies including Sternberg Clark, Freak Music, The Alive Network, Last Minute Musicians, Encore and Fix The Music and have mentions on wedding blogs including Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress, Rock 'n' Roll Bride, Margot's Wedding and more. You won't find them cheaper than booking direct with us so get in touch today - Contact Us!!

Not sure?

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